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Law School Tutoring and Support Overview

Many attorneys look back at their law school years with fondness, remembering the great professors, amazing friendships and the satisfaction of earning their degree. What is often easy to forget is how challenging law school is as an academic experience. With thousands of pages of reading, heavy use of the Socratic Method, essay exams, research papers and extracurricular activities such as law review and journals, law school can sometimes become overwhelming.

On top of the actual work is the pressure of knowing that law school grades (especially first-year grades) are the single most important factor for eventual job placement. Ultimately, these grades have a significant influence on the level of success one might have in his or her legal career. First-year grades are also the most important element of law school transfer applications.

IHL's law school tutoring program is an extension of the work we have been doing since 1996 through our LSAT preparation and law school admissions consulting programs. Our core business is helping students with all of their law school-related needs.

If you want to improve your grades across the board or are struggling with a particular course, working with IHL's brilliant and passionate law school consultants can be the perfect solution. IHL's expert consultants work with law students to optimize academic performance and improve grades. Our consultants work with only a small number of students each year, ensuring that each student receives the personal attention he or she needs.

Program Details

Our law school subject tutoring program is staffed by consultants (both practicing attorneys and law students) who possess a breadth of experience in a particular field and/or have performed at the top of their law school classes at institutions such as Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Yale and Michigan. Our consultants tutor only those subjects in which they have received top grades. These consultants have unique insight into what it takes to be a successful law school student and/or practitioner. They have a true passion for mentoring and teaching.

Our consulting staff can provide guidance on just about any law school course including both core first-year courses (such as constitutional law, criminal law, property, contracts, torts, legal writing, civil procedure) as well as electives. We also have consultants on staff who can assist a student with his or her involvement in law review or a journal as well as specialists who can advise law students on applications to law firms, clerkships, public interest organizations, government agencies and other companies.

No matter what law school you attend, you can take full advantage of this program. It is available in-person at one of our offices or remotely via Skype, WizIQ or other videoconferencing platforms. We have worked with many students remotely and have found it to be as effective as in-person consultation.

Other Related Services

If you are attending law school in the coming year and want to get ahead of the curve, we suggest exploring our Pre-Law Preparatory Program. We also offer specialized bar preparation services and transfer application advising services.

If you are interested in learning more about our law school subject tutoring program, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone at (212) 889-8378 or (734) 623-8378. To enroll, please click here.

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