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Bar Exam Program Overview

Preparing for the bar exam can be a difficult process, one that requires an in-depth knowledge of a broad array of topics, time-management skills, exam strategy, organization and persistence. Depending on the particular state, more than a dozen topical areas might be tested on the exam. 

IHL’s bar exam program is an extension of the work we have been doing since 1996 through our LSAT preparation and law school admissions consulting programs.

Most of the bar exam courses offered by large, national companies are highly impersonal with video-recorded lectures and little chance for you to ask questions and drill down on weaker areas. While these courses can provide the basic foundation for the exam, they often do not offer the opportunity to develop the higher level of understanding that is needed to successfully master the material. 

You will find that IHL’s personalized and individualized bar exam tutoring is a perfect supplement to such courses. Working with an IHL tutor allows for more dynamic and collaborative preparation as each tutoring session will be designed to custom-fit your individual needs and goals. We typically do bar exam tutoring in a one-on-one format, although we can also accommodate small groups.

Our bar exam consultants have an excellent track record in preparing students for the multi-state portion of the exam. For the essay portion, which is state-specific, our team can work with students seeking admission to the New York, California or Michigan state bars.

Other Related Services

Bar exam tutoring is available in-person at one of our offices or remotely via Skype, WizIQ or other videoconferencing platforms. We have worked with many students remotely and have found it to be as effective as in-person consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about our bar exam tutoring program, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone at (212) 889-8378 or (734) 623-8378. To enroll, please click here.

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