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At IHL, we take pride in providing custom-tailored services that are designed to fit the needs of each individual student. As such, all of our services are billed on an hourly basis and can be utilized a là carte. Furthermore, most of our services are provided by tutors or consultants of different levels (e.g. junior, senior, chair, etc.), each with a different price point. 

We have two different price levels for each service / tutor – one that applies to students working with us in our Ann Arbor office and a second that applies to students working with us in our New York City office or remotely via videoconference. 

To view our pricing for each service, please click on the relevant link below.  

Billing Policies and Procedures 

As stated above, each service we offer is billed at a particular hourly rate. We have no requirements for a minimum amount of hours or sessions, nor do we offer any packages. We adhere to a policy of strict price integrity and do not offer discounts of any kind.

We offer two payment options: paying at the time of each session or providing a retainer. The vast majority of our clients work with us on a retainer basis. Our billing department, led by Terri Jeffrey-Barker, our Accounts Executive, provides clients with weekly invoices that show services rendered as well as current retainer balance or balance outstanding. Any unused retainer balance is returned promptly upon request by the client. Any client working on college or graduate school applications with Mayssoun Bydon must provide a retainer. 

For those few clients who do not wish to provide a retainer, we require payment at the end of each tutoring or consulting session. We do not post-bill for any services. If a client builds up a balance, we will suspend further services until the balance is cleared.

We accept payment via the following methods:

  • Checks
    • Checks should be made out to "The Institute for Higher Learning"
    • Checks can be given to us in-person or mailed to either of our offices
  • Cash
  • Payment via our online payment system (https://ipn.intuit.com/pay/IHL)
    • This system is very easy to use and convenient and does not charge any fees
    • All that is required to make a payment is your bank account number and routing number (both of which can be found at the bottom of your checks) and the information is not saved in the Intuit system unless you choose to create an account
  • Wire transfer
    • Our billing department can provide wiring instructions

We do not accept credit card payments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Terri Jeffrey-Barker by phone at 212-889-8378 or 734-623-8378, or by email at TBarker@ihlaa.com.

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